To ensure your cat is happy with us, we provide a comfortable stress free environment. We have 8 pens which are 3 level accommodations providing a private, spacious and stimulating environment. The pens are 8 foot high by 4 and half foot by 4 foot with windows allowing the cats to bask in the sunshine. To stimulate your cat, there are bird feeders outside, also toys music and scratching posts are provided. The cattery is well insulated which assists us with heating it in the winter, while also providing cool accommodation on a hot summers day Bedding and quality food is supplied although we suggest your cat may feel comfortable with their own as this provides them with their own scent from home and helps them to settle quickly. We also provide feeding and water bowls, but feel free to bring your own if it will help your cat feel more relaxed. Cats are fed twice a day.   The accommodation provides for:

  • Individual cats
  • 2 or 3 from the one household
  • 3 or more from the one household


  • 1 cat €10 per day
  • 2 cats sharing from the one household €16 per day
  • 3 cats sharing from the one household €20 per day
  • 4 or more cats sharing, please call 0863399910 for a price


  • All owners must provide proof of an up to date vaccination card from their vet prior to boarding. No cats will be accepted without full up to date vaccinations
  • Please worm and flea your cat before boarding
  • Any cat showing signs of illness will be refused boarding
  • Medication can be administered if required, providing your cat allows it
  • Owners will be responsible for any veterinary attention and fees that may be required while boarding. A form will need to be filled out and signed by each owner
  • Male cats over 7 months that are not neutered will not be accepted for boarding
  • Kittens are accommodated for
  • Special diets are catered for
  • Short stays are welcome, however please book well in advance to ensure accommodation